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Published: 10th March 2008
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Coach is an American Brand started in Manhattan, New York. Coach started its journey in fashion world with leather handbags. Very soon, Coach's innovation in leather finishes, new designs and colours, and modern materials started to fascinate people, and it became a popular choice for all leather related needs. Coach has maintained the highest standards of excellence, artisanship and materials used in Coach manufactured products. Coach has entered in new segments of fashion like all kinds of fashion accessories for men and woman, ranging from footwear to eyewear and almost every possible product between toes and forehead.
Coach sunglasses are a mark of uniqueness and quality par excellence. A pair of Coach Sunglasses is visible on face of several fashion and style lovers. Over the years, Coach has added multitude of new model designs of sunglasses for men and women in different shapes, styles and materials, but every Coach Sunglass collection embodies the same principles of classic design, proven quality and American style fashion sense.
Some of the most all time popular models of Coach Sunglasses are Addison Sunglasses, Lexi Sunglasses, Elizabeth Sunglasses, and Hazel Sunglasses. All designs of coach sunglasses provides 100% protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, featured with gradient lenses, available in several cool colours, shapes and shades. Hazel series of sunglasses are famous for its super cool designs, which are suitable for every face shape. Moderate prices, class sense, stylish looks, and luxury feeling makes Coach Sunglasses very much popular among customers of all age groups.
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